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Mains maximiser masterclass

"Starts on 13th & 14th December 2021, Monday & Tuesday 11 AM to 1 PM"

2 Days 4 Hours Workshop

Why You Need to Enroll For this Masterclass?

  •  Understanding the nature of the question.
  • Too much study but don’t know how to use it.
  • Writing Introduction.
  • Solving Conclusion Conundrum.
  • Not overcoming the weak areas.
  • Time Management.
  • Not enough practice.
  • Running Away from the topic.
  • Use of vague expressions and content.
  • Sticking to word limit.
  • Switching between different questions or topics.

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Lets see!
 How 4 Hours can transform you into a MAINS Topper & Champion:

Mains MasterClass Curriculum

  • SMART Approach & Revision Tools and 9 Introduction Hacks

  • 8 Body writing Ideas and Diagrams Hacks 
  • Solving Conclusion Conundrum & 7 Marks Maximiser Tools                  

From Students Desk



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 To be revealed during the Class

Mains MAXIMISER MASTERCLASS Has Been Specially Designed To Help 

Students aiming to crack UPSC/State PCS exams in 2021/2022/2023

 Repeaters in UPSC/State PCS exams & wanting to clear in the coming attempt

 Working Professional looking to efficiently Manage their Limited Time

Experiences Of Students Who Took CA Rahul Kumar's Guidance

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Next Batch Starts from below schedule

Date: 13th & 14th Dec 2021 Monday & Tuesday 

  • Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

    Frequently asked question

    Here are a few answers to your most common questions

    Who should join the 2 Days Mains Maximiser MasterClass.
    You can join the MasterClass right away if you are a UPSC student and going to attempt the exam in next 3 years.
    How will the 2 Days Mains Maximiser MasterClass help me?
    The Master Class will help you to, > EFFORTLESSLY prepare for GS Mains exam and increase score by 50 Marks..
    Is this a LIVE or recorded one?
    This is a LIVE MasterClass Recoded backup will be available on request for 24 Hours only.
    How should I register to Master Class
    You can register to Master Class by clicking on any of the buttons on this page and successfully making the payment
    How do I access the Master Class?
    You will get the link of dedicated telegram channel and all required information from there.
    What are the technical necessities to attend the Master Class?
    Very Simple ! Laptop/ Samrtphone with zoom app, Internet Connection with a fair speed and Headphones (for distraction less sessions).
    How should I contact If I have additional questions related The Master Class?
    Drop an email at and you will get your all answers.
    2 Days Mains Maximiser MasterClass help me to clear my exam?
    Yes, it will help you to drastically increase the probability of clearing your UPSC Mains exam.
    What is the language used throughout the 2 Days Mains Maximiser MasterClass.?
    English language will be used primarily. Hindi can be used sometimes.
    What are benefits of attending MasterClass?
    Learning SMART Approach and practical hacks/tools for Mains GS content and answer writing.
    What will be the next step after registering and making payment?
    You will get an email from our side containing all the relevant information on how to join.
    At what time the Master Class will start everyday?
    7:30 PM to 9:00 PM everyday
    For how much duration the session will be conducted everyday?
    90 min daily

    Why Learn From You ?

    • I am CA Rahul Kumar And I am on a mission to help one lack UPSC students to be excellent in Mains GS preparation and answer writing.
    • I am also the creator of “MAINS MAXIMISER COMMUNITY” – where students use community power for MASSIVE ACTION on answer writing etc.
    • I am also the co-founder of an academy for civil services aspirants i.e, DIADEMY IAS
    • My Highly innovative courses like Mains GS Booster at DIADEMY IAS have been phenomenally liked by thousands of students and already helped many become Civil Servants .
    • Over 30,000 students have been impacted by my various initiatives. More than 100 students have qualified the UPSC Exam from various programs under my guidance.
    • After becoming a Chartered Accountant at a young age of 21 Years; My journey began as a UPSC Student. Simultaneously I worked in various Central government jobs for around 8 Years. While in job, I cleared UPSC Prelims 5 times and appeared in UPSC IAS Interviews 3 times.
    • I have addressed over 50 live workshops (more than 5000 students impacted) for UPSC aspirants... throughout India and understood their problems very deeply... 
    • I personally invite you to join the ‘UPSC Smart Student Bootcamp...
    • But my reason for inviting you is Selfish... 
    • I want to be happy. And my happiness lies in helping my UPSC aspirants becoming super productive and have fun during their preparation Journey ... 
    • So why not let me help you achieve this!

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